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Pink Flowering No ID Epiphyllum Hybrid Cutting

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Although we don't know the parentage of this epiphyllum hybrid, we do know that it produces beautiful, abundant bright pink flowers that measure four inches in diameter. Because we don't have a clear history of its origin, this epiphyllum hybrid is classified as a NOID, (No ID, No Identification) Epiphyllum hybrid. No matter how much it may look like a registered hybrid, we can never be 100% sure so it remains a NOID forever. That doesn't mean it isn't just as beautiful as any registered named hybrid. 
This epiphyllum is the first one we ever owned and is responsible for starting us down the slippery slope of collecting epiphyllums. It is fast-growing and resilient. This makes it easy to care for since it doesn't mind you going on vacation and leaving it home alone. Once fully established, it can skip a watering or three and still bounce back without harm. 

You'll receive an unrooted cutting that was cut from the parent plant within 24 hours of shipping. Every order includes a detailed instruction sheet for rooting and care of your epiphyllum.

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