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Fruhlingsgold Epiphyllum Cutting

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An unrooted cutting of the Fruhlingsgold epiphyllum hybrid measuring 8 inches long or longer. 

Fruhlingsgold is an epiphyllum hybrid registered with the Epiphyllum Society of America in 1990, hybridized by Kurt Petersen. The parent plants of this hybrid were Discocactus macranthus and Epiphyllum hybrid Reward. Disocactus macranthus is known for producing hybrids with strong, pleasant frangances. Fruhlingsgold, as you may expect, has a bright lemony scent that matches it yellow color.

The branches have few, if any spines. The flowers have darker yellow outer petals, fading to almost white in the center. The stamen is white as are the anthers. Flowers measure roughly 4 inches in diameter, but they may be larger or smaller depending upon how many flowers the plant is trying to support. Flowers are described by the ESA registration as single, loose funnel-form with narrow petals. The flowers form on stalks about 2 inches long which become the fruits if successfully pollinated. Fruhlingsgold is known for producing many flowers up and down the stems. If all are left to mature, each flower tends to be smaller as they compete for the plant's energy.

Fruhlingsgold should be protected from frost, but it can briefly withstand temperatures down to about 35 degrees F., or just a bit colder. Said to be hardy in USDA zones 9b and higher. In other US locations, it should be considered an indoor plant, although it can stay outdoors during the summer months when there is no danger of frost. Dappled sunlight or bright indirect sunlight works best for Epiphyllum hybrids which may burn if left in direct sunlight. 

The Fruhlingsgold Epiphyllum hybrid makes a good hanging basket plant with draping branches. I can be trained upright with stakes and ties or rings. With proper care, epiphyllums can grow quite large over years, with diameters of several feet and trailing down four or five feet from the hanging basket. Larger is likely possible if not trimmed.

Each order includes a complete care instruction guide that will help you get your epiphyllum cutting rooted and thriving in your home.