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Epiphyllum Hookeri, White Night-Blooming Epiphyllum Cutting

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Epiphyllum Hookeri is one of the true species of Epiphyllum, as opposed to the hybrid varieties. Like most true Epiphyllum species it blooms at night and has white flowers. Each large, fragrant blossom opens after sunset and closes by sunrise each day while it lasts. It its thought that these epiphytes are pollinated by moths in their natural tropical forests. 

Epiphyllum Hookeri has sturdier branches than many other epiphyllum varieties and tends to grow more upward and outward rather than draping or trailing downward. Each green branch of this night-blooming epiphyllum can grow over three feet long. 

You will receive a fresh, unrooted cutting removed from the parent plant within 24 hours of shipping. Each order includes a complete care instruction sheet to help you get your cutting rooted and thriving in your home.  Your cutting will be shipped by USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail- you choose at checkout.

Epiphyllum Hookeri is easy to care for. It is a resilient plant that can tolerate missed watering and won't need a baby-sitter if you go on vacation for a couple weeks.