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Epiphyllum guatemalense monstrose, Curly Locks Orchid Cactus

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Unlike most epiphyllums which have relatively flat, smooth branches, the branches of Epiphyllum guatemalense monstrose twist and curl like a ribbon in the wind. This provides a unique and interesting difference between the Curly Locks (AKA Curly Sue) Orchid Cactus and other varieties. The twisting branches tend drape over the side of the pot making this an ideal hanging plant. Small white flowers emerge from pink buds during flowering season, but the real star of this plant's show are the curling branches. 
Easy to care for, Epiphyllum guatemalense monstrose can tolerate a missed watering without issue. 

You will receive one pre-rooted cutting removed from the pot with roots bagged with minimal soil to reduce your shipping cost. Each order includes a complete care instruction sheet to help you get the plant properly established and thriving in your home. 

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Epiphyllum guatemalense monstrose is native to the tropical forests of Guatemala where is grows as an epiphyte climbing trees to reach for sunlight above the forest floor. Despite being a member of the Cactus family, it has adapted to the humid conditions of the forest canopy.